iS Clinical- Youth Serum


Dramatically softens fine lines & wrinkles
Instant improvement with long-term results
Helps boost structure with collagen synthesis
Restores resiliency to loose & sagging skin
Quickly equalizes rough, uneven skin texture
Helps restore and protect DNA
Paraben-free and suitable for all skin types
Apply a small amount to clean skin, smoothing around eyes, face and/or neck. For best results, follow complete iS CLINICAL® skincare regime.
Who is it for
Normal, dry, oily or combination skin


Immediate smoothing & tightening, long-term wrinkle reduction, restorative
5.4 p H + / – 0 . 5

YOUTH SERUM™ is the product that actually does what the others merely promise: to literally turn back the clock on aging skin. This dramatically effective, clinically-proven formula is designed to give skin the best of both worlds: instant smoothing and tightening, with dramatic wrinkle reduction over time.
How does it work?
As we age, we lose collagen; the vital connective fibers that give our skin its youthful resiliency. YOUTH SERUM™ instantly smoothes and tightens the skin, gradually rebuilding lost collagen as it repairs and protects the DNA; dramatically improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
What’s in it?
YOUTH SERUM™ is a highly active, botanically-based formula that blends pharmaceutical-grade targeted growth factors, antioxidants, intelligent proteins, and Extremozymes® into a safe, multi-purpose treatment


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